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How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

how to ask her for her mobile number

How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

Getting a girl’s number is not as easy as it may seem. By simply coming out and asking for her number, you are reverting back to your junior high days.

Asking directly for her number is as bad as giving her a note, asking her to circle “yes” or “no” if she likes you.

There are more effective ways to get what you want without looking for a love sick puppy begging for attention. It is important to know how to ask a girl for her number.

Why Is Asking for Her Number a Bad Idea?


Most women love a confidant man. When you ask her for her number, you are giving her the control because you are waiting for her permission to continue to engage in conversation at a later time. This can make you come off as being less confident. When she sees that the ball is in her court, the power is all hers, and that can mean game over for you.

Another problem with coming out and asking for her number is that you do not know how much progress you have made when it comes to impressing her. It may be too soon to know if you have built up enough of a rapport and sexual tension for her to want to give you her phone number.

You may not know yet is she finds you interesting enough to want to continue contact with you. You might not have given her enough time to see how wonderful and charming you are.

If you are not sure how she feels, you may not be able to ask for her number with complete confidence. What would be worse, is if she says no. Being rejected can shake your confidence to the core, and can make talking to another girl and trying to get her phone number even more difficult.

How To Get a Girl’s Number


The best way to get a girl’s number, is to not ask for it at all. You should flip the script, and ask her if she will take your phone number. Rather than you wondering if you are good enough for her, suddenly she will find herself wondering if she is good enough for you.

Giving Her Your Number


Since the age of cell phones, there is no need to write a phone number on a napkin or on a tiny piece of paper. Ask her if you can have her phone, so that you can enter your phone number for her. By taking the phone and doing it yourself, you are asserting more control than you would if you were standing there, waiting to rattle your number off to her.

Be Flirty While Giving Her Your Number

While you are putting your number in her phone, you should be flirty. Let her see that you can be fun. When you are entering your number, say something funny. Ask her if you should add yourHow To Ask A Girl For Her Number last name and physical description or the name of the bar where you met.

This will allow you to playfully turn the tables, and accuse her of being the player, rather than her thinking that its you.

Also, women love a man who can make them laugh. If you can be silly and playful, you will be scoring some serious points.

Keep Things Easy and Light


After you have her number, you have to keep the light and flirty act going. Saying something like, “I better hear from you”, or “You better call”, is a very bad idea. The last thing that you want to do is creep her out.

Telling her to text you if she wants to, but it’s cool if she doesn’t. This will show her that you want to hear from her, but it will also show her that you are not desperate. It may even make her want to call you even more.

How the Plan Comes Together


Using this method does not end when you enter her number in your phone. Often times, the girl will want to call or text right away, to make sure you have given her your real number. When she does, you will have her number, and you didn’t even need to ask for it.

If she sent you a text rather than calling, text her back. Say something like, “who is that good looking guy standing next to you?” This will give her a good laugh and will impress her in the process.

It is important to make sure that you text her back. This will make you stand out from the other guys who have simply gone up and asked her for her number.

If she did not ask you to call her, you have one more option. You can tell her that you typically do not answer numbers that you don’t know, and you can ask her to call your phone so you can add her number.

This will still get you the number, without needing to ask for it directly. She will think that you are only asking for the number so that you can be sure to answer if she texts or calls.

Later That NightInsightful Guy Texting in a Coffee Shop


When you get home, regardless of how well you believe that things went, you should avoid calling her or texting her. Even though you have her number, you want to wait for her call.

Calling right away is sure to make you look desperate. You want to continue to look like the cool, fun, flirty guy that she met earlier that night.

If you never hear from her, don’t take it personally. She may be in a complicated relationship with someone else. She may have just gotten out of a relationship and is not ready to start something new.

The reasons that you didn’t hear from her are likely due to her issues and not you.

Getting a girl’s number takes having some game and even a little trickery. If you use this method properly, you should be out on a first date with the girl within a few days.

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