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MiFinder® is the world’s first iPhone App to allow diverse communities to find each other in real time using GPS. Unlike many social networking Apps, it is a British project launched by Brighton-based Minority entrepreneur Gabriel Saclain.

Who & Why?

Gabriel created the app after working with many diverse communities over a decade and found that there was no community-oriented App that allowed people from diverse ethnic, religious, sexual and disability backgrounds to find each other and actively make friends and socialize, date and gain social support with other communities around them based on their exact location.

What makes it different from any other app?mzl.nylxzpqw.320x480-75

The ‘real time’ nature means that a Buddhist in Montreal, for example can see who around them is also Buddhist. MiFinder® uniquely includes globally dispersed communities which are very small in number. A Bahai, Aborigine, Traveler or Native American anywhere in the world could see who around them is from their community in real time, even if the closest person is 10 meters or 100’s of miles away. The App’s filters also mean that a black gay Christian or a Jewish, disabled male could see who around them shares their unique characteristics. The filters also encourage people to engage with other communities who they may not have otherwise socialized with. In these ways, the app was designed to strengthen community ties and reduce isolation on an individual level and act as a tool for greater cohesion. Uniquely amongst apps, MiFinder® also allows community groups and organizations to have a ‘real time’ presence on the app.

Does it come recommended?

Carrie-Ann Lightley, head of Tourism for All’s Information service, an independent charity supporting tourism and leisure opportunities for disabled people stated “I would highly recommend MiFinder® to people with disabilities as it could have a real and invaluable benefit to their lives and their ability to access support, networking and dating. It is an excellent idea and a unique concept for those people who may feel lonely and isolated, so overall a great product”


Unlike many apps, there is no registration required. Users can see others on a thumbnail screen and Instant Message, send photos and share their exact location on a map to meet up. Security is paramount and users can block and report other users, turn their distance off, profile photos and language is screened. A user’s exact location is never shown unless they provide it. These controls make it as secure as it can possibly be.

MiFinder® aspires to become the ultimate social networking tool for all diverse communities across the world. It is available for free at the iPhone App Store or through


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'MiFinder is a unique location-based social networking app for diverse communities. It enables users to find like-minded individuals in their area for support, friendship, dating or networking. It is completely FREE and there is no registration needed, working on GPS it can be up and running within seconds! It is the first of its kind to be aimed at diverse communities such as the disable community, to assist in defusing isolation and encouraging individuals to reach out to each other.