Alarm clock or One-Night Stand – @AppNightStand is both!

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Since our recent launch in January of 2013, we’ve been referred to as “the safest sex ever” and “app that is taken too far”. We simply say “we are the first mobile app that let’s singles enjoy virtual one-night stand on their mobile phones”. Whatever you prefer, definitely not a conventional mobile-dating app.

What is the problem you are solving?

Whenever people are asked about the first thing they touch in the morning, the most common answer is “my smartphone”. So instead of touching our partners lying next to us, the phone has become the first touch point in life after a good night sleep. AppNightStand now aims to add an emotional feel to that, connecting singles through a virtual wake-up experience, aka virtual one-night stand. Also, unlike more traditional types of dating portals, we target younger, more socially connected and open mobile users looking for casual dating and fast gratification of needs.

Tell us your story?

It started from the idea of social alarm clock for kids, but later we added a twist that made our target audience 17+. The app development took place over the weekend marathon in Warsaw coworking space in late fall of 2012. Our team has origins in three different countries (Poland, Germany and Belarus) and background in mobile development, design and marketing.

How users are responding to that idea?

Since launch response was quite astounding, but controversial as well, which we also expected.

Feedback goes from “it’s sick” to “it’s amazing”. Don’t mind either, as long as people have fun.

To spread more love, on last Valentine’s day every user who logged-in into our app got 1 million invites for free. 1 million is ultimate package of invites one can buy within our app at regular price of 11.99 EUR and gives one an equivalent of a lifetime access to all singles in our app. Because we think love should be free on Valentine’s days.

What is the future you aim for @AppNightStand?

Contextual apps for smartphones are becoming one of the most promising trends for mobile. The ability to connect digital data with social experience offlines has proven successful by apps like Glympse, Path, Apple’s SIRI or “Winter Wake Up”. And casual mobile dating scene is getting especially hot with new companies like BangWithFriends or Hinge, which capitalize on existing facebook connections of their users (we do as well BTW).

We are still at early stage, and want to stay flexible and open to new opportunities in that area.

Now primary focus is to grow audience and engagement by developing new features and adding new platforms (Android and Windows on the roadmap). We are also looking for ways to partner with more traditional types of media that could leverage our mobile and social potential with their existing audience and brand.


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